just got the message that we are a part of the iGrooveNext Family....:-)



we are really happy to finish mixing our Debut-Album "War Ballads"......... planning our next steps in release and promotion!



Thank you KulturKino Uzwil for that great evening..!!



Here are some pics of our recordings. Keys, Guitar, Vocals and Drums done...! Only Bass left. 

We really looking forward to hold this record in our Hands..:-)



This is our third Song "When i was a Young Girl" it`s a Cover Song by Alice told a Secret, originally written by Barbara Dane in the 1959`s. Check out the originally Song:



We are proud to present you our second Song "Why don`t you do right". It`s a Cover Song by Alice told a Secret, originally written by Joe McCoy in the 1940`s. Check out a Lil Green Version of this Song:



:-) Just got the message that we are "HOT TODAY" on Thank you mx3 for your nice words..!!



Some Live-Pics of our last Shows



We are happy to present you our first Video "Grinnin`In Your Face" 

"Grinnin`In Your Face" is a Cover Song, originally written by the great Son House in the 1960`s.

Check out the originally Song:


There will be two more Videos coming soon..!



Video- and Recording Session

Today we filmed and recorded 3 Songs of our upcoming Album "War Ballads". Thanx to Selina, Marielle, Patrik and Thomas..!!!!!



We are working on our debut album called "War Ballads". There are already 7 Songs almost done. Song 8 is still in progress. We are looking forward to the Recording-Session in spring 2017. The album will be released in spring 2018.