Here are some pics of our recordings. Keys, Guitar, Vocals and Drums done...! Only Bass left. 

We really looking forward to hold this record in our Hands..:-)



This is our third Song "When i was a Young Girl" it`s a Cover Song by Alice told a Secret, originally written by Barbara Dane in the 1959`s. Check out the originally Song:



We are proud to present you our second Song "Why don`t you do right". It`s a Cover Song by Alice told a Secret, originally written by Joe McCoy in the 1940`s. Check out a Lil Green Version of this Song:



:-) Just got the message that we are "HOT TODAY" on Thank you mx3 for your nice words..!!



Some Live-Pics of our last Shows



We are happy to present you our first Video "Grinnin`In Your Face" 

"Grinnin`In Your Face" is a Cover Song, originally written by the great Son House in the 1960`s.

Check out the originally Song:


There will be two more Videos coming soon..!



Video- and Recording Session

Today we filmed and recorded 3 Songs of our upcoming Album "War Ballads". Thanx to Selina, Marielle, Patrik and Thomas..!!!!!



We are working on our debut album called "War Ballads". There are already 7 Songs almost done. Song 8 is still in progress. We are looking forward to the Recording-Session in spring 2017. The album will be released in spring 2018.